Professional Tips For Winter Interior House Painting

Professional Tips For Winter Interior House Painting

Professional Tips For Winter Interior House Painting Sometimes we consider painting as a task for the warm weather. And if you are trying to have an exterior paint done, then you might have to wait for little warm weather. If you need an interior house painting to be done, winter is the perfect time and situation.


Professional Tips For Winter Interior House Painting


There are certain pros of painting interior of a house during winter time.


Projects Under Affordable Prices


During summer time painting companies are much busier than winter, for them this is a slow season. Thus you have a situation to save more money.


Cold Dry Air Helps Cure The Paint


Living in a humid area needs more time to dry a painted wall but when the air becomes dry and colder, it cures the paint noticeable faster than the normal.


As the proverb says, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. It applies to each element of the universe. There always a need of precaution whether it is as fast as a car race or as slow as paint. There are certain professional tips for winter interior house painting, which will help you to maintain the beauty last long or everlasting.


Usable/Unusable Paint


Latex paint has a freezing point at the same temperature as water. It can be used in the painting if the surrounding temperature is above the freezing level. While oil paint is more resistant to freezing level and can survive lesser temperature.


Coating Time And Weather


Winter season slows the drying time which ultimately affects the timing of recoating. It includes a maximum of six hours. Use of alkyd paints requires even more time, an approximate of 48 hours. It is advisable to do interior painting during night time.


Best Paints And Tools For Cold Weather


Paints which survives no lower than 35 degrees Fahrenheit is best suitable for winter painting. As paint becomes thick during winter, rollers and brushes should be used to handle it. Nylon and polyester serve the best for this purpose because of its stiffness and can hold thick paint.


Go With A Weather Forecast


Have a regular check on a weather forecast. If there is any stretch of increase in temperature, start preparing for the same. While scheduling the painting time during the day especially when the sun rays reach inside your house. That area will need less time to dry and overcoat will be done easily.

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