Types of Paint Glazes to Use for Faux Finishes

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Types of Paint Glazes to Use for Faux Finishes Paint glazes are used to establish a vast variety of wonderful faux finishing. Glazes are transparent or translucent textures. That is mix along with the paint and afterward, are apply over the base coat or base paint.


Glazes add depth, dimension, richness and marble effect to the paint job. Glazes change the color beneath it. There are various categories from which you can choose. Here, are few main categories.


Types of Paint Glazes to Use for Faux Finishes


1. Pre – Tinted Glazes There is a huge availability of Pre – Tinted glazes with a vast variety of basic colors. It is the most preferred way because there are ready to use as is. There are several advantages of using this. Such as there is no need to buy separate paint and glaze.


You can avoid the huge mess of maintaining consistency between batches and so. These Pre – Tinted glazes are also available in the metallic glaze, Pre-mixed that makes your work easier.


2. Latex washes – Latex washes are generally thinned down latex paint. The ratio of water to paint can be as low as 1:8 or as high as 8:1. It depends on what you need and how much coverage you want. If you add more water to the mixture, the color will turn sheerer. It is a thinning process of regular paint and they are cheap and available. But there are also drawbacks to using it.


Such as the continuous washes create a misty and foggy effect. they are not durable like acrylic or oil glazes and they even dry very. For best results mix – One part latex paint Two part water.


3. Acrylic paint glaze – In acrylic glaze, there is a clear base to which you add latex paint. It is using satin paint to reflect best glaze finish. They are very easy to clean as they tend to be more transparent. Than other washes that create a shinning and a luminous effect . For best results mix- Six-part glaze One part satin finish acrylic paint.


4. Oil Paint glaze Oil glazes are among the most durable of all . Oil glazes are also termed as allkyd glazes . This gives more time to artist to manipulate. The glaze for perfect and exact effect because oil paint glazes take long duration to dry. Sponging off,marbling, ragging are best accomplished with oil glazes . But the demerit of using oil paint glaze is it emit odor,include high VOC content and it’s difficult to clean . For best results mix- One part satin finish oil paint. One part oil glaze . One part paint thinner.


Faux painting and using glazes are quite tricky. Faux finishing is a term used to describe a decorative. A unique and beautiful paint finish that often replicate the appearance of another material. You can go for concreting, graining, strike, sponging, denim, bricking, ragging, rage rolling, marbelising, leathering, stippling, stenciling, plastering, distressing and dragging for the better faux finish.

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