Small Painting Company is Disrupting the House Painting Industry

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Small Painting Company is Disrupting the House Painting Industry – See video and what they are doing for all painters, you won’t believe it but it is true!

A must for house painters everywhere! See More

A small home painting company outside of San Francisco is disrupting the painting and decorating industry. Painters are not internet or social media guru’s  says Greg Spates with Spates Painting.

When it come to painting most painters can work magic on painting your house in many US cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County – California. But they are not internet marketers that’s why we are making it easy for Painters to connect with customers. learn more

Disrupting the House Painting Industry

Lead generating site are all over the place, but they do all trades and they really do know any of the trades they make it up as they go. We are laser focused on the painting industry, with over 30 years experience as a painting contractor  and  internet entrepreneur Greg Spates is taking house painters to the next level.

Since our pre-launched 4 months ago our painter interest and sign ups are busting out 300 percent every month,  we are so excited to see these results.
Painters are excited too they are getting jobs and not paying $28 to $80 per lead, our system is so different they pay nothing per lead.

As a painter and using the lead generating sites I hated the fact that they spam the heck out on my email, and notifications with hundreds of unwanted leads. This was so distracting during the day when I was working, I wanted painting leads and they were sending me leads like floor installation, tile installation and more. You know they could control that but they don’t. I think it must be for their investors so they can say “hey look at all the leads we are sending”.

We want all painters to make money so we have options for painting contractor, freelance painters and day labor painters. Our system also breaks through gender and race when it come to competing for projects.
Everyone painter or decorator has the same chance to land jobs, if they work hard, work smart and take advantage of marketing options that will help their painting business grow.

Get painting jobs for house painters
Get painting jobs for house painters

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Real customers are busy and don’t want to mess around with multiple contractors contacting them, a few is ok.
Says Karen S one of our painter request users. I like that I could contact the painter directly and they responded fast answering my questions, and scheduling a time to look at my house.

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