Getting The Best Advice On Paint a Home Ceiling

Getting The Best Advice On Paint a Home Ceiling

Getting The Best Advice On Paint a Home Ceiling Home ceilings are one of the most important structures of the interior space, as it has the maximum unobstructed views of the working space. It plays a very important role in the acoustic and thermal comfort of a space. Thus, painting a home ceiling should be the primary objective of an individual. Before moving further certain steps should be taken for ceiling painting.

Clean and dust the ceiling wall. Best materials to use are towels and vacuum cleaner.


While painting the ceiling of a kitchen or bathroom, it is advisable to wash the ceiling with a solution of three teaspoons of detergent to one gallon of water.


Use a high-quality primer which would help you to hide small imperfections on the ceiling. 


Painting a ceiling isn’t much similar to painting a wall. It can be messy sometimes because of the dripping from the wall. Painting a ceiling might be a difficult task as it needs a continuous gaze on a ceiling. However, there are certain steps which might be less time consumable and is less hectic. 


Getting The Best Advice On Paint a Home Ceiling


Step 1


If the wall is not to be painted at the same time of ceiling, apply painter’s tape across the corners and edges. Use a small bucket which would be easily carried up and down to a ladder. There always remains a chance of dripping so don’t overload it with paint. Proceed the painting with long strokes and always finish painting by bringing back the brush to the wet paint. Use a rubber or rope across the circumstances of paint bucket which would help you to decrease a load of paint on the brush.


Step 2


While it’s a time to use a roller, use a medium nap roller for the smooth ceiling. Roller serves the best purpose instead of the brush. A simple roller with simple wooden extension pole will be sufficient for the further procedure.


Step 3


While first use of a roller, do not dip into the water directly, moisten it with the wet towel. It will help not to dilute the paint or to decrease the essence of painting. Choose a square of four by four and paint it by overlapping. Once the painting is done use the roller without any load of paint to smooth the ceiling. When it gets dry, check another coat is necessary or not.

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