How To Choose The Right Material For Faux Rag Painting

Faux Rag Painting

Faux rag painting nowadays is one of the most popular, creative and easiest decorative painting technique. The pattern depends wholly and on the type of rag we use. For this art of painting one needs very few materials. Also to the basic interior paint tools for laying down the base coat, you will need glaze or wash and clean non-shedding rags.


How to Choose the Right Material for Faux Rag Painting




Old clean cotton t-shirts are very good for ragging but other materials can also consider

1 cheesecloth

2. Terrycloth

3. Flannel rags

4. Newspaper

5. Burlap

6. Corduroy


Choice of rag


On applying thin latex paint as the wash is comparatively less expensive than using the glaze. Now you have the surface structure in your hand, consider the effect you want to get. This will help to decide the type of rag going to used.


As Burlap leaves a fabric-like structure behind the areas as it is scratched on certain places. A fine line pattern can get by using corduroy. The larger pattern can get by using plastic sheeting.


Other types of rags


1. Cheesecloth


Cloudy like finishing texture will be the result by using cheesecloth. It has the softest fiber. It becomes saturated more and easily. So have a bulk amount on your hand for ragging off.


2. Terrycloth


It leaves a stippled texture when applied by several times washed towel. Serves the alternative of terrycloth.


3. Newspaper


If you need a crisp type of finish, the newspaper will be the best suitable material. As it is stiff and not a good absorbent as cotton.

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