Exterior Wall Colors Painting Ideas For Wall Decoration

Exterior Wall Colors Painting Ideas For Wall Decoration

Exterior Wall Colors Painting Ideas For Wall Decoration provide structural support and give a mesmerizing outlook on the house. Exterior walls have the same importance as the interior walls in our homes.

“The interior of the house personifies the private world; the exterior of it is part of outside world”-


Stephen Gardiner


A well said quote that highlights the need for beautiful exterior walls that will enhance the beauty of your house. Says Cheryl from Spates Painting in Orange County and San Diego California. So, here is some amazing design for the exterior wall.


Exterior Wall Colors Painting Ideas For Wall Decoration


1. Magic of wood


Innovation with wood for your house in a creative way is always complementing. Wood designs provide a simple and natural look to your house. Woodcraft for your exterior walls can be pocket-friendly and include the vast variety of designs. You can also get personalized and variety of designs in wood decor.


2. Fencing for exterior or outer wall decoration


Beautiful and simple floral fences give fresh look and hold a gasping impact. It is very simple and practical method to give an appealing look to the other walls. It is so easy and provides a rustic, natural and fresh look to your house.


3. Nature’s basket


Yes, you read it right, nature’s basket. Nature is a magical box that hides all the answers. The lap of nature is the solution to so many problems prevalent in modern society. vertical gardens are trending as a piece of decoration on outer walls of the house and they are the perfect way to feel nature at your door. It looks beautiful as well as it enhances the air quality. You can also opt for low maintenance plants like succulents or ferns etc. This is the eco-friendly and attractive way to decorate the exterior walls.


4. Glaze of metals


In modern infrastructure, metal wall art is suggested for exterior wall designing. They are very easy to maintain, clean and emit a shiny look. The availability of vast variety makes it more popular. There is a wide range to choose, according to your need and desires.


SpatesPainting there are other many ways to decorate and enhance the beauty of your exterior walls to make them appear marvelous, astonishing and attractive.
Colours also play an important role like you always need a good coloured canvas to complete the detailing. decorative ideas will not work alone without the magic of colours in the background. You can enhance the beauty of your house by opting for the colour you need or desire. But here we are providing you with 5 colours that will for sure is going to take your breath away.

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The magic of Vibrant Colors-


Red Rose with white


Dark colours like red, yellow, purple and pink symbolize the joy and are frequently used with natural colours to maintain the brightness of walls. Similarly red creates an enthusiastic chasm and white adds so thing effect to it that all together look absolutely mesmerizing.


Indigo Blue


Blue is one of the most important primary colours that have the variety of shades that help walls to appear alive and provide the sense of freshness when used in contrast with its own shades or with other colours.


The beauty of Mexican Rose


Thi is one of the most preferred shade among women and kids. The advantage of this bright shade is that house appears inviting and appealing.


Aura of Black


Nowadays the craze for black can be seen everywhere whether it’s fashion industry or home decor. People prefer to give a black shade to their homes. It looks unique, elegant and pretty. This colour goes well with gold and silver lightning. The advantage of this shade is that you can use various antiques or paintings. To decorate your walls and this colour will add a spark to it. Black make walls appear simple yet in a classy manner.


Decorations of any colour add beauty to it you need not be conscious about. The matching shades or contrasting things.


These are some of the colours that elevate the beauty of your exterior walls. You can also try other colours of your choice by contrasting them with given colours. to enhance the beauty of your exterior walls

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