How Much Paint Do I Need To Buy For My House Exterior

How Much Paint Do I Need To Buy? My house is a single story Exterior.

I plan on painting my house in the next few weeks and was wondering how much paint I’ll need. I’m not a professional painter but have used a sprayer a few times to paint other homes while doing electrical side work and plan on using one to paint my home. My home is a 2k sq ft single story. Thanks
A 2,100 square-foot home will take about 12 gallons of paint (high-quality paint covers about 350 square feet in two coats). 2,100 / 350 = 6 x 2 = 12 gallons. Always double the number you’ll need because it takes two coats to cover a home exterior.

Answer: Always calculate on the lower side of the stated square foot on can. Jason Soto

How Much Paint Need For House Exterior Painting Answer: You can always get 80% of the paint you’d expect, and fine tune the last 20%. No waste. Probably average 200-250 sq ft of wall. Don’t base on the interior square footage either. ServiceBookie

Ronnie Jones what’s house made of? for smooth surface you are gonna get like 300 square foot a gallon and if rough figure 200 or 250 all depends.

Christin Kitsos I know with Sherwin and Dunn Edwards products you get about 350-400sq ft a gallon. You only need about 8-10 gallons to start and it should do it. 15 is too much for 2000 sqft. You go further with paint when you spray.

How Much Paint Need For House Exterior Painting? Home Owners Ask.

Greg Spates from Spates Painting recommends try not to over buy paint it cost you money and paint waste is bad for the earth. These are all good answers, so figure a 10 foot wall by 30 foot will be about 1 gallon of paint. Use flat paint on stucco, low sheen paint on wood and siding.



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The house paint calculator is intended to provide the user with the approximate amount of product needed for a project. Product requirements will vary according to factors such as application method and surface condition. To verify product amounts, visit your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store and speak with a representative.

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