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Los Angeles drywall company was established nearly 18 years ago with customer service as first priority.We pride ourselves with many happy and loyal customers who enjoyed a first class drywall service for many years.Our technicians who are at journeyman and master level are capable of solving complex drywall level scenarios.We are currently performing drywall projects from hospital renovations to residential jobs.We’ve tackled many projects. More drywall related projects than those listed above in the services section. Feel free to drop us a call if your drywall situation differs. We’d be glad to help and give you a free estimate.Installation of venetian plaster, wall plaster and complex texture are only a few of the Drywall projects our company is capable of.We pride ourselves in completing our drywall projects in a timely manner. In the past, we’ve worked nights when businesses or establishments require us to complete the project as soon as possible.Tenant improvement project which includes steel, wood framing, suspended ceiling installations, light fixtures and air condition system are only a few of what our company is capable of performing.We will be happy for the opportunity to serve you whether it be plugging a hole in the wall to more complex projects.
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