Tips To Get Whitewashing Furniture With Chalk Paint

Tips To Get Whitewashing Furniture With Chalk Paint

Tips To Get Whitewashing Furniture With Chalk Paint With Spates Painting Beautiful furniture in the house is like an extra feather in your cap that not only looks good or enhances appearance but also reflects you and your lifestyle. We all desire unique yet elegant interior with classy and impressive furniture.

That attracts visitors and also create a beautiful vibe around you. Simple designs and old-fashioned patterns are so common to admire. As it is said only change is constant in the world, we should also change and try new things. Whitewashing your furniture with Chalk Paint gives it all together a unique look to furniture.


Here is a guide that will help you to whitewash your furniture using Chalk Paint offered by Cheryl at Spates Painting in the San Diego and Orange County areas . There are few simple steps to be followed for better results.


Tips To Get Whitewashing Furniture With Chalk Paint


1. Clean and sand it up


Anything you want to colour need a good cleaning as a primary step says Cheryl with Spates Painting. You should remove all the dirt, oil, grease and so. You can use TSP and warm water for better results. After the cleanup, pat it dry and sand the entire body of your furniture. By using sander make wood silky and smooth to touch. To do so you can begin with 80 grit and move up to 220 and 400 grit as per. The size of furniture and make your wood’s surface super smooth and soft.


2. Paint time


Opt your favourite colour and paint the body of your furniture and allow the milk paint to completely dry.


3. Using water to make whitewash


For amazing whitewash wood effect, go for a Chalk Paint and adjust its ratio. 1:1 is perfect for better results 1:1 means mix 1 part of paint and 1 part of water or in other words. Mix 50/50 of both the things to create a perfect blend. For the lighter coverage you should go with the 1:1 and for medium coverage go for 2:1. The thickness or thinness totally depends on your need that how opaque you want your finish. You can very easily adjust the thickness or thinness by adding more or less water in the mixture. Always remember to try or test a small batch on an inconspicuous area. So, that you can adjust or manage the consistency well.


3. Brush up the things and roll it up


After completing preparation of whitewash just simply apply it all over. Your furniture and use brush or roller to spread it finely. You need to work really quick and in a manageable way because one has to wipe off the excess of whitewash before it dry. Spates Painting is an expert at whitewash caulk paint get a free quote.


4. Wipe off time


You need to work really quick, use a large block or section of dampened sponge and wipe off the wash off on the painted body. Watch for the look after you are done with the first coat. If you like your finish after it dries then woaah! You created what you really need. But if not then go with the second or third coat as it will add more depth.


5. Gently Sand it up


Leaving your furniture to dry just sand it up a little for velvety touch and smooth finish. Remove all the dust before using or applying the top coat. Now you can use the top coat you prefer the most like was, Tung Oil or Polyurethane and so. Allow it to dry and finally, you are done with the work. The durability of your furniture totally relies on the choice of top coat and materials you use.


After this, you are done with the best finish and your own masterpiece, that is ready to brighten your home. You can also use this technique at bricks, plastic, terracotta, fences, fabrics, hardware and etc. To improvise the look of your house and enhance its beauty.

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