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“Exterior Painting with Elastomeric Paints for longevity and Tex-Cote “”Coolwall”” up to 40 degrees cooler.
Interior Painting with “”Green”” (less toxic) paints and ozone loaners for reduced toxicity. We provide FREE Color consultations and Feng-Shui on signed painting contracts. BBB A+ Certified, bonded, licensed and fully insured. We also paint roofs, kitchen cabinets, decks and exterior fences.
Established in 1971.
Started in Boston, have worked IN England and France and in the Malibu Colony.
Our work as San Diego painting contractors has seen us painting historic homes as far as England and southern France – a testament to our training and skill level. Our services stand apart from the rest of the painting community because we view ourselves as craftsmen who focus on preparation, custom projects requiring expert skill, and the best materials and tools available to the trade.Custom painting is what we do customarily. Custom painting the notes individualized work. Custom painting is to house painting what holistic medicine is to regular medicine.

Holistic medicine sees the patient as a whole organism its own individual needs that must be treated attending to all of its needs.

Custom painting is not a formulaic method but rather addresses the individual needs of the customer and their space. Somebody who does custom painting must be addressed special-needs of the surfaces that is working with and be able to deliver all that is pleasing to the client and aesthetic in nature.

A custom painter has to be a seasoned professional is not satisfied merely completing a task but doing it to specifications provided to him by his.

Custom painting is not what new construction painting crews are able to turn out.

Custom painting is not something that you’re going to see an apartment painter do.

Custom painting services are what residential re-paint specialists like myself excel at.


Yelp reviews : 4.5 Stars

Address: Serving Del Mar Area

Hours: Open 7am-7pm

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